This is an unfinished game!
- there is no menu
- you can't save your progression
- there is no music / sound effects
- there are only 9 levels plus a training ground at the beginning (the game will start over if you finish level 9)
- it may be slow on full screen mode
- you can play with your keyboard or controller (I tried on Windows10 with a PS4 controller passing for a Xbox 360 controller)

- jumps / wall jumps (keyboard: escape, PS4 controller: X)
Don't worry about changing the character direction when doing the wall jumps as it is automatic. Just be faster than in Mario and jump as soon as you touch the wall, like a ninja!
- crouch (keyboard: down arrow, 'S', or 'N', PS4 controller: down arrow on the pad or R1)
'N' / R1 are convenient to crouch while running and stuff
- throw shurikens. (keyboard: 'M', PS4 controller: O)
You can throw 3 shurikens rapidly if you hold the shuriken button (you'll see a hint next to the main character's face).
- use your sword (keyboard: 'B', PS4 controller: square)
While on the ground you can dash horizontaly by holding the button. You can dash vertically by pressing 'Down' + the sword button while in the air.
- use smoke grenades that you have collected (only from the level 5) (keyboard: 'V', PS4 controller: triangle)
- transform into ... super ninja (if you collect the super ninja items) (keyboard: 'P', PS4 controller: L1)
Enemies can't harm you when you are super ninja!
- hang on ropes: use up / down arrow to move vertically, use left / right to swing. Press the jump button to jump. To jump far you need to jump when you are far from the equilibrium position
- use horizontal ladders. you can get off them by using the jump button or just keep going until they finish

It's a stealth platform game so starting level 3 try to kill the ninja enemies before they spot you! It'll make your life easier and you'll get more points

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